1) What information can I get from this test?

The GastroPanel test will provide information on the health of gastric mucosa, including helicobacter pylori infection and atrophic gastritis. The biomarker levels in the blood sample indicate the degree of inflammation in the stomach, any changes in the mucosa, gastric acid output and whether these have affected the absorption of e.g. vitamin B12.

2) Is this test being done as part of a medical trial?

The GastroPanel test is a blood test designed to reveal the status of your gastric mucosa. In   instances where the results would be used for research purposes, we will always ask for your consent.

3) Is this a test for cancer?

The GastroPanel test is not designed to diagnose cancer but it identifies patients with an increased risk of gastric cancer. Such patients can be referred for further examinations and, if necessary, for regular monitoring to aid the early detection of eventual cancer.

4) I have eaten just one Fisherman’s Friend lozenge and I’m due for my blood test. Is this a problem?

In principle, you should not eat or drink anything for at least 4 hours before blood sampling, except for a glass of water - even a single lozenge can affect the test results because the stomach reacts to everything you ingest.  However, eating one lozenge for example won’t exclude you from taking the test. However, it is better mention it to the person taking the sample.

5) Is gastroscopy needed after this test?

If the GastroPanel results suggest that your stomach is not normal, the doctor may recommend a gastroscopy.


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