When GastroPanel is applied for the risk-screening of gastric cancer, concrete cost savings can be achieved based on the early diagnosis of gastritis and possibility to intervene before cancer develops: 

  • Fewer surgical and oncological treatments
  • Reduce labour loss due to premature deaths
  • First-line diagnosis of dyspeptic patients
  • Less sick leave (caused by dyspepsia, ulcer etc.)

When GastroPanel is applied as a primary method for the screening of stomach troubles, patients can be directed to further measures that benefit them most. This includes: starting PPI medication, H. pylori eradication therapy and gastroscopy. With the help of these results, endoscopies can be done to those who truly benefit from it.

Biohit has developed a GastroPanel screening model calculation tool which can be used to demonstrate the level of savings (in EURO´s) achievable when GastroPanel screenings are used a primary investigation method for patients with stomach troubles, or, as a population-based screening program. 

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