Screening usually refers to population-based screening of asymptomatic people, the purpose of which is to find the cancer precursors (= prevention) or early-stage cancers (= early detection).

At best, screening can help find those asymptomatic people who are in cancer risk groups.

GastroPanel is suitable for this, because early detection of atrophic gastritis is the best prevention for cancer. When GastroPanel is applied to the risk screening of gastric cancer, concrete cost savings can be achieved:

  • Fewer surgical and oncological treatments
  • Reduce labour loss due to premature death
  • First-line diagnosis of dyspeptic patients
  • Less sick leave (caused by dyspepsia, ulcer etc.)

The developed screening model calculation can estimate how much savings are generated when the GastroPanel test is used instead of traditional gastroscopy. In this case, at best, 80% of gastroscopies can be shown to be unnecessary when the GastroPanel result is perfectly normal.


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