GastroPanel report (GastroSoft)

GastroSoft™ is a software application designed to assist clinicians/medical doctors in interpreting GastroPanel® test results with optional anamnestic information. It will also help you to learn on how to interpret the markers with the diagnosis, and on the need for further examinations.

You may produce your own report using the form below. Once you have completed the form, press ”Display report” to display the GastroPanel® report. The report contains the information entered into the form, the biomarker cut-off values as well as a brief interpretation of the results. The report assists clinicians in summarizing the results of the biomarker assays, before confirming the final diagnosis to the patient.

All the patient/sample data entered are anonymous. Individual identifying data is not used by the algorithm. Nothing gets saved. 

The GastroPanel® report is intended for healthcare professionals only, not for the patient. The final diagnosis must be made by the clinician/medical doctor.

NOTICE! If it is not possible to separate the EDTA whole blood sample soon after sample collection, and add GastroPanel® stabilizer, you may use sample storage correction provided by the GastroSoft™ algorithm. The correction will apply to Gastrin-17 biomarker, as it decays when stored and therefore may lead to false interpretation. Read more about using the application form below.

Warning ! The GastroSoft™ performs correctly only with the Biohit GastroPanel® test. The GastroSoft™ do NOT correctly interpret the results obtained with the other manufacturers’ test kits. GastroPanel® and GastroSoft™ are registered trademarks of Biohit Oyj. Software is subject to change without prior notice.

Read the Disclaimer and the Instructions For Use before using this application

GastroSoft (REF 740193) is CE-marked in vitro diagnostic medical device. Manufacturer BIOHIT OYJ.

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